Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facebook: Game playing Xenophobes stalked by Tricky-Dick snake-oil Salesmen

As an interactive communications tool Youtube is still just a one way device, much like old broadcast media. It's big difference is that users are producing a lot of the content, instead of a New York or Hollywood production colossus - and - it's On-Demand.

But the experience of Youtube is boring compared to the typing and clicking social networks like facebook and Twitter.

Facebook brings in multi-media better than twitter right now, so it's part of the way to that multi-media all-in-one "UberApp" that the world is looking for. In 2006 facebook opened a developers interface to allow open source applications in, and subsequently - because it didn't have a vision of what it wanted to be - began to go off coarse. So the progressive step of allowing users to create new functionality, became facebook s' death knell. It has since become a refuge for neurotic game playing xenophobes stalked by tricky-dick snake-oil salesmen.

Sometimes I enter and heroically try to dig out lost friends, dragging them out with inspiring "off-world" stories. Usually though, I won't touch facebook with a ten foot RSS feed.

It's icky in there, I don't like it.

(This is the 2nd snippet of an article on 'new media' that I am in the process of writing called, "The Interactive Narrative".)


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